When does Innovate Berkeley's 2019 Summit begin?

The 2019 Summit will take place in October 2019. We will begin accepting applications near the start of the fall term, as well as post all important dates regarding the Summit.

Where and when will the summit itself be held?

This year, we're proud to announce that the Innovate Berkeley Summit will be held at the VISA Headquarters in Foster City, CA from October 26th, 2018 to October 27th, 2018. This is an amazing opportunity for our participants to explore the offices of a leader in global payments technology, and also have the opportunity to potentially meet and speak with VISA employees. As a clarification, the three weekend series events leading up to the hackathon will be held across campus, with more information coming soon.

What is the weekend series?

The weekend series is a unique opportunity like no other for our participants to be guided through a design sprint process, interface and connect with mentors within the IB Core Team, schedule meetings with and hear the perspectives of different faculty on campus, refine their goals and ideas in preparation for the hackathon, and gain familiarity with essential design, prototyping, and pitching essentials. Our guided events assume no prior experience with these areas, and seek to empower students of any background to particpate and succeed both at the hackathon and beyond.

What if I don't have any coding/technical experience?

Technical experience is not necessary to get the most out of Innovate Berkeley. At the end of the summit, out of the three top teams that placed last year, none of them coded/built a technical solution such as a mobile app or website to present to the panel of judges. Instead, they used tools such as Figma to create mockups for the judges. Furthermore, this is why we host the weekend series: to familiarize participants with tools such as these and prepare them for the summit. As a note, Innovate Berkeley is branded foremost as a design summit/hackathon. We value the quality, creativity, user experience, execution, and actual contribution of the of an idea/solution to our campus above all else.

Is there a preference for admitting some majors over others?

Not at all! If anything, Innovate Berkeley is seeking diversity in our application pool and we encourage students from all years, backgrounds, and majors to apply. The diversity present on our campus is what makes this institution so special, and we believe a mix ideas and perspectives are what fuel truly groundbreaking products and solutions. We especially want to stress that participants will not be at a disadvantage if they are not Computer Science/Business/STEM majors.

Where can we go if we have more questions?

Feel free to email any of the core team members on the team page! We'd love to answer any and all questions about the weekend series and summit, questions about the application process, our those about our personal experiences as Innovate Berkeley particpants!