Innovate Berkeley aims to inspire innovation among students at UC Berkeley and beyond. Working at the intersection of technology, business, and education, we provide a holistic opportunity for all Cal students to entrepreneurially engage in the improvement of the student experience. Here at IB, we acknowledge our privilege as students of a leading institution for higher education; we are passionate about not only using innovation to make our campus better, but also spreading our knowledge and experiences to those in our community who are less privileged.

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Innovate Berkeley is the culmination of the combined efforts from UC Berkeley’s administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Innovate Berkeley is much larger than the single event. It’s the selfless, innovative energy that has continuously propelled this university forward as a leading institution for higher education. Innovate Berkeley's flagship summit compresses that energy into an innovation hackathon-like event, with the goal of creating tangible technological and non-technological solutions to mitigate problems on campus that assist our peers, faculty and administration face.

Students With


Think about all the student organizations that were founded by students, all the DeCals taught by students, all the university courses administered by students. Our administration, now in the hands of Chancellor Christ, wants students to be at the forefront of change. Innovate Berkeley is the chance for students to work side by side with administrative staff, faculty, and alumni to build a better Berkeley.




Student Government + Administration

(such as the communication between ASUC and student orgs)


Housing + Living Spaces

(such as simple legal action available for students if housing situation gets out of hand)



(such as academic advising and academic resources)


Campus Accessibility

(such as campus Accessibility and Safety)

Connect With

Cal Alumni.

UC Berkeley Alumni will serve as the guiding third party mentors who will give unbiased thoughts and suggestions about improvements to certain solutions. For the alumni who can be a full mentor for Innovate Berkeley, our teams will host weekly phone meetings with them as they tackle their prompts. During the innovation hackathon event, there will be a variety of times for which a mentor can sign up to host workshops.


The Summit.


To kickoff the event, a special alumni will be giving a keynote presentation.

The remainder of the designathon/hackathon is for innovators to produce a blueprint of a solution that they can correctly present to the panel near the end of the event.

By the end of it, teams will be able to present to a panel of faculty, alumni, and administration staff to see which teams would then be funded/hired by the university.

Innovate Berkeley

Core Team

Innovate Berkeley was founded by a team of students who were determined to make an impact at UC Berkeley. We, the Core Team, understand that true change is incremental and that it’s built on the hard work and dedication of those who were in our places before us. We strive to be smart creatives who seek value from passion. We see an innovative university that is created by us, the students, so let’s create it together.